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As a tech-oriented communication firm, Kennedy, Voice & Berliner creates impactful voices of enterprises and startups while being an inspirational place for adventurous talents.

Grow with Impact is the Soul of Kennedy, Voice & Berliner.

Kennedy, Voice & Berliner has Public Relations (for large enterprises), Voice of Startups by Kennedy, Voice & Berliner (for startups and its ecosystem) and Grow Program (for students and startups) in the new economy.

Welcome to Kennedy, Voice & Berliner.

Having "Grow With Impact" as the soul, we are happy to continue help create the voices of large enterprises and startups and the ecosystem in the new economy.

We are happy looking at the development of our products, for example Market Entry and Voice of Fintech, after we successfully have introduced Voice of Startups and SocioVoice.

It feels nice to be part of impacts created by our clients, while keep continue with our probono program: mentoring startups and having students joining our internship program.

We hope you are as excited as we are, in always pursuing to create impacts.

Dian Noeh Abubakar
Founder & CEO of Kennedy, Voice & Berliner
Founder & CCO of Voice of Startups

About the Founder

Dian Noeh Abubakar

Loving history, archeology, travel, arts, agriculture, nature and having intetests on international trade and the new economy, Dian has been an in-house and consultant at global Public Relations firm before founding Kennedy, Voice & Berliner as a purpose-led venture on 23 November 2011.

Dian has been in PR industry since 1998 and also came up with various differentiated product developments including Voice of Startups and Voice of Fintech.

Dian is active at business association including Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia and Indonesia Chamber of Commerce. Dian is mentor at Jakarta Founder Institute and Global Entrepreneur Program Indonesia (GEPI) also Public Relations Advisor to some tech global and local companies.

Kennedy, Voice & Berliner: Our Grow Story


23 November 2011: Inspired by Ich bin Ein Berliner famous speech; Kennedy, Voice & Berliner was founded on the same day of its Founder's birthday.

The Founder; Dian Noeh Abubakar; was a PR professional since 1998, then in 2011 decided to be an entrepreneur and partner with WIR Global.


February 2012: While working with large enterprises, Voice of Startups was added as PR service for startups.


Industry Voice was created as Public Relations for associations who would like to create growth for businesses.


March 2014:

SocioVoice was created as PR for social enterpreneurship.


As a tech-oriented Public Relations firm, we communicate the messages of large enterprises to help achieve their goals and are open to use technology when needed.

Market Entry and Voice of Fintech were created.


As a tech-oriented Public Relations firm, we communicate the messages of large enterprises and help achieve their goals, while we encourage to use technology when needed.

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A Public Relations service for startups and its ecosystem (Venture Capital Firms, Incubator, Angel Investors and so on), where we help achieve their goals, including their investment goal. We come up with practices that fit into the Market Progress, for example Voice of Fintech and SocioVoice. Startups joining Voice of Startups will be featured at

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Our programs that focus on mentorship for startup founders through Voice of Startups, internship for students and collaboration with key organizations that foster entrepreneurship in the new economy.

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Join us at
and get engaged in discussions about brands, Public Relations and impacts, with startups communities and Kennedy, Voice & Berliner team.

Forum supported by Kennedy, Voice & Berliner, for individuals and enterprises to share their impact and voices, expressing growth inclusion, succession. In the past, it was called The Second Generation Forum.


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